3 Common Land Rover Problems (And How to Avoid Them)

A Land Rover is an adventurer’s dream ride. With the perfect mix of luxury and versatility, this brand is one of the most pristine in the world. But as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Land Rovers are known to have common problems because of how uniquely they are made, and how often they take the road less traveled. Here are some common complaints, and what you can do to try and avoid them.

Suspension failure due to air suspension faults

Air leaks in the Land Rover’s air suspension system are pretty common. Usually, this doesn’t happen right away but does happen over time, and if it’s ignored it can result in a total suspension failure and cost you a pretty penny to fix. Regular check-ups and maintenance can help catch and diagnose these leaks before something terrible happens. It’s better to catch these issues before disaster strikes so that you can at least plan the (sometimes costly) repairs instead of having to replace your whole system at once, unprepared. A sign of air suspension faultiness is noticing that your Rover isn’t riding as smoothly as it did when you bought it. If you have this problem, go to your Land Rover specialist and ask for a diagnosis. Fix the problem before it’s too late!

Parking brake failure

It’s common for Rover’s parking brakes to wear out and stop functioning over time. To prevent this, have your mechanic check it’s alignment each time you have it serviced. If it’s too late, you should take your Rover to you specialized mechanic to have it realigned and functioning again.

Fuel Tank Shield Rusting

Your Rover’s fuel tank shield is exposed to the elements and can become rusty, especially if exposed to salty areas around the beach. If the tank shield rusts enough, it can expose your actual fuel tank to the dangerous elements of the open road, begging for more serious problems. To prevent this, make sure to remove salt and other debris from your fuel tank shield, and ask your mechanic to check for rusting during regular servicing.

Land Rovers are pristine, versatile cars that require lots of care and attention to detail. If you own a Rover, the most important thing you can do is make sure you are taking your SUV to Land Rover expert for care and maintenance servicing to avoid breakdowns and surprises. A lot can go wrong if drivers aren’t aware of common problems, who to call for help and when the right time to handle a problem is. If you’re Land Rover owner, your mechanic and a regular servicing routine should be your best friend!

Written by Union Line Garage