Benefits of BMW Inspection I & II

Factory Recommended Maintenance Schedules

When BMW designed your vehicle, they did so with a plan in mind to protect its powerful performance. It would be a shame to purchase a BMW and allow its world-class engineering to fall short of perfection. Factory recommended maintenance schedules, including BMW’s Intermediate Oil Service, Oil & Safety Service, Inspection I, and Inspection II, keep your car in top condition throughout its life span. The best part for drivers in Pennington, New Jersey is that you don’t have to go back to the dealership for high-quality maintenance service. Union Line Garage provides stellar service for all BMWs according to factory recommended schedules.

BMW Intermediate Oil Service

This service is designed to keep your vehicle’s engine running at its best over the full course of its lifespan. Like with all other vehicles, regular oil changes work to keep the engine clean and lubricated so it can perform at its peak level. Unlike average oil changes, BMW Intermediate Oil Service relies on high-quality motor oil with helpful additives to boost engine health and performance. This service is recommended every 5K-10K miles, depending on your individual driving habits.

BMW Oil & Safety Service

Taking oil changes a step further with filter replacement and a comprehensive safety check, this service keeps tabs on the overall health of BMW vehicles. During the BMW Oil & Safety Service, a technician checks the brakes, indicator lights, belts, hoses, steering & suspension components, engine components, and much more. Common problems like fluid leaks, low tire pressure, and illuminated dashboard lights are addressed during this service.

BMW Inspection I

Also known as minor service, this part of the overall BMW maintenance service plan covers small repairs to ensure vehicle safety and functionality. When and how often a BMW should visit a professional for Inspection I depends on your vehicle’s model year. It’s recommended at 20K, 60K, and 100K for models 1986-1998 and at 30K, 90K, and 150K for models 1999 and later.

BMW Inspection II

Also known as major service, this schedule for maintenance service covers the same items at Inspection I with added checks and repairs, including fuel and air filter replacement. It’s recommended at 40K, 80K, and 120K for models 1986-1998 and at 60K and 120K for models 1999 and later.

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Written by Union Line Garage