BMW Valve Stem Seals- Is your BMW smoking?

Is your BMW V8 burning oil? Is your BMW smoking?

Many BMW drivers that own a 545i, 550i, 645i, 650i, 745i, 745li, 750i, 750li, X5 made between ’03-’08, or any BMW with the V8 N62 engine, experience smoke coming from the exhaust tail-pipe, making their car look like the chimney of an Alaskan cabin in the dead of winter. This is due to worn valve stem seals and it’s one thing that all owners of these vehicles fears.

Most people ask how they can prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented. Not all N62 engines exhibit this problem, but when it happens it must be fixed. When you see smoke with a blue hue coming from the exhaust within 10-15 minutes after the car is started, it’s time to replace your seals. Most dealerships charge upwards of $8,000 to replace the valve stem seals. As a BMW specialist, we can do it for much less. Nearly half the cost, actually! And if you are not sure about the valve stem seals being a problem on your car, just start it up and let it idle for 10 minutes or so. Then put the pedal to the metal and watch all the smoke from behind the car!

Fixing the Problem

The great news is that we have special tools we can use as independent BMW specialists to cut down on cost and keep the car reliably on the road. And once it’s fixed, it’s fixed! There are 32 seals (4 for each valve) that get replaced to improve rough idle conditions, alleviate smoke, prevent oil consumption, prevent damage to the catalytic converters (a very expensive repair if they are damaged), and correct some (specific) check engine light faults.

The other great news is when replacing the valve stem seals, other oil leaks can be corrected at the same time for a fraction of the price, saving you even more money on repairs! This includes replacing the valve cover gaskets and resealing VANOS solenoids.

This is only one of many specialized repairs we can perform as BMW specialists. Have any questions? Call our office at 609-466-0294 to speak with a Service Advisor about your BMW.

Written by Union Line Garage