How Can I Tell If My Car Battery Is About to Fail?

If you compare your car to a human body, the engine is like its brain, the tires are like its legs and the battery is like its heart. When your heart stops, you stop. When your battery stops so does your vehicle.

Signs of Car Battery Failure

Battery Facts Drivers Should Know

Most drivers give little thought to their batteries until their vehicle will not start. Here are some general facts you should keep in mind to avoid becoming stranded.

  • Like humans, batteries are slow to get going in extreme cold temperatures. When the mercury plummets, allow yourself extra time so you can prime the fuel pump until the battery warms up.
  • Most batteries last for two to three years, even though the manufacturer claims they’ll last much longer.
  • If you need to jumpstart your car more than three times in one week, replace the battery.
  • If your battery reaches the ripe old age of two-and-a-half years, consider replacing it, even if it is still working. Time is money. Most people would agree replacing a battery before it fails is worth the inconvenience of unexpectedly finding themselves stranded.
  • Don’t rely on the accuracy of a car’s battery warning light. When that light illuminates, it usually means there’s a problem with your car’s alternator.
  • Often, a weak battery leads to serious driveability problems. When your vehicle isn’t performing as it’s meant to, make checking the battery one of your first priorities. What you fear is a major, expensive problem could be solved by replacing your battery.

Signs of a Failing Car Battery

Before your battery fails, if you pay attention, you will be able to detect your battery is weakening and may need to be replaced. Get to know your vehicle and if you detect a slow engine crank, have your battery checked. Another sign it may be time to replace the battery? If you accidentally leave your map light on overnight or your door ajar, which means there will be an interior light on, and this causes your battery to become drained, it’s time to have it tested by a professional. Contrary to popular belief, if your battery is strong, leaving a small light on overnight should not cause your battery to fail. Additionally, if you suspect your battery is failing, pop the hood and check the color of the indicator on top of the battery. Green means good and black means it’s time to have your battery tested.

Trust the Pros for Your Battery Replacement

If you live in Northern New Jersey in the Hopewell Township area, here’s what to do if your battery light is on and your vehicle starts. Consider yourself lucky you don’t need a jump start or a tow, then head to Union Line Garage at 1545 Reed Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534! Car battery installation itself is not rocket science, but the battery has an impact on your car’s starter, alternator and other parts. Our skilled technicians will replace your battery and check out the cables, battery connections and related parts to make sure there’s not more to the story than a battery that’s past its prime. For friendly, reliable service at a price less than the dealership, contact us at Union Line Garage at 609-466-0294 for all your vehicle service needs.

Written by Union Line Garage