Common Issues Volkswagen Owners Should Know About

Compact Cars and Causes for Concern

You may think that owning a Volkswagen is more convenient because it may require less maintenance because of how compact they usually are. Volkswagen usually manufactures small cars so there is not much need for large engines and the car can be more efficient. However, there are still some common causes for repair that may or may not be unique to VW drivers. Limited room to store coolants can result in your car overheating not only with your AC but also with the engine. If this is the case you will need to get your VW repaired because overheating can be very dangerous.

Other Issues

If your Volkswagen has a sun roof it may be causing water leaks. The electrical components may not be working as a result of battery drain if electrical components are left on while the engine is not running. Try to keep the sun roof up when you aren’t driving and keep the car engine turned on if you wish to use the AC or radio. The suspension and alignment may be off balance due to how close Volkswagens are to the ground so they receive more impact from rough roads.

Check Engine Light

One of the most common occurrences for not just Volkswagen owners but all car owners is that the check engine light turns on in the dashboard. This can be caused by the smallest thing from a loose gas cap after you leave the gas station to things as important as the oxygen filter no longer providing acceptable levels of emissions. If the check engine light is lit it may not be a serious issue, but if it is blinking it indicates a more immediate threat to your vehicle. Either way the check engine light should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent those issues from escalating other problems. This can be checked by a mechanic using a diagnostic scanner.

Expert Volkwsagen Repair in Pennington, NJ

If you are a Volkwagen owner in Pennington, New Jersey and you need repairs for anything mentioned or not mentioned above, you can visit Union Line Garage. We have parts for not only VW’s but also many other name brands. You can schedule a service today online or by calling 609-466-0294.

Written by Union Line Garage