Fun Facts About Mercedes-Benz!

Did You Know?

Mercedes-Benz has a long history of innovation, luxury, and high-performance handling. Their safety advancements have been instrumental in saving lives and have become standard in many automobiles. The highly trained ASE Certified professionals at Union Line Garage, in Pennington, New Jersey, are an authorized BOSCH Service Center. They have a long history and deep knowledge of servicing and repairing Mercedes-Benz to keep them in excellent condition.

Interesting History

Mercedes-Benz was formed in 1926 and was called Diamler Benz AG. Since then, the company has gone through many mergers but much has remained the same – high quality, great handling, and famous designs (such as their star logo, where each line represents land, water, and air).

Mercedes-Benz “Firsts”

In their rich history, Mercedes-Benz has introduced many “firsts”, such as:

  1. Invent the first motorcycle – in 1885, by Gottlieb Daimler (a one-cylinder gas engine on a wooden bike)
  2. Patent a production automobile (internal combustion engine) in 1886, by Karl Benz. It had three wheels, .9 hp, and was financed by his fiancée, Bertha. Karl was the first person to request and receive a drivers license.
  3. Invent the first hybrid car, Mixte, which topped 75 mph (in 1902).
  4. “Mercedes” was named after Emil Jellneck’s daugther, in 1901. (Emil worked with the company).
  5. Use brakes on all four wheels (in 1924)
  6. Add suspension (in 1931)
  7. Strip the paint from their race cars to make them lighter, leaving the iconic silver color. (At a race in 1934, their car was 1 kg overweight so they removed the paint – and they won!)
  8. Introduce diesel cars (in 1936)
  9. Create crumple zones (through patented special cells) that made metal collapse in order to increase safety during an impact (in 1959)
  10. Create anti-lock brakes (with BOSCH’s expertise) for the S-Class (in 1978)
  11. Develop an autonomous driving system for the W140 S-Class, which was driven 1000 miles on the Autobahn and up to 115 mph (in the 1990’s)
  12. Develop the Pre-Safe System (collision avoidance system) and also incorporate the Pre-Tension Seat Belt System (to reduce the slack in a seat belt before a crash), in 2002
  13. Weld car parts in nearly 10,000 places so they don’t rattle or squeal
  14. An active perfume system for the S-Class (4 fragrances by Marc Von Ende)

Superior Performance

Mercedes-Benz has a long tradition for delivering excellence, innovation and style with their automobiles. Union Line Garage, conveniently located in Pennington, New Jersey, can provide expert service and repairs on your Mercedes-Benz. Making an appointment is easy — just call us at 609-466-0294, go online, or walk in to receive friendly, expert service.

Written by Union Line Garage