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Watching for Signs

To protect your safety and that of others, you should never risk your life with bad brakes. Keeping the system operating optimally entails routine checks and preventive maintenance services and watching for signs of potential trouble so that your mechanic can make timely repairs. Therefore, observe for signs such as grinding or shaking during braking, odd new noises like squealing or squeaking, and extended stopping distances. For the best brake repair for your European or other import vehicles, watch for the sign that says Union Line Garage. You’ll find it at 1545 Reed Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534 in Pennington, New Jersey. Our ASE-certified technicians have the training and experience to ensure your braking safety. Make an appointment using our handy online link or call us at 609-466-0294.

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What Do You Drive?

Braking System Components and Potential Repairs

Some drivers tend to think of the brake as a single entity because they stop by pressing one pedal. In reality, the braking system is a collection of cohesively working components. Most modern cars have disc brakes on the front wheels, while some have them all the way around. Older models and the rear wheels of some newer ones have drum brakes. Both types work using the same principles of hydraulic pressure and friction. Your system uses brake fluid that travels under pressure through brake lines to accomplish the task. You need a certain amount of brake fluid in a closed system to maintain enough pressure, so the fluid level should be monitored. If it’s very low or needs filling often, we’ll need to check the lines to see if there’s a leak and a need for line replacement. The master cylinder acts as a tank for the brake fluid. If it cracks or otherwise allows for leakage, you may not have enough pressure, resulting in a spongy feeling pedal and the need for cylinder replacement. Brake shoes press against the drum that’s turning inside the wheel on the older style brakes. The newer disc brakes (which cost more but offer better stopping ability) feature pads pressed against a rotor (disc) by the brake caliper. Although it is possible to have a stuck brake caliper (which won’t allow the pad to disengage from the rotor once you take your foot off the pedal) that needs replacing, the most common repair is the need for new brake pads. That’s because pads are wearable items.

Related Repairs

In addition to pointing directly to the braking system, some warning signs you notice may be related to other components or systems. The mechanics at our shop can determine if your tires need rotating and balancing or if your vehicle is ready for a wheel alignment. Regardless of your auto’s specific needs, Union Line Garage can help you with brake repair and related services.

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