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Why Is There a Light Anyway?

If you see your vehicle’s check engine light come on, your first question likely relates to the underlying cause. However, you may also wonder why there’s even a check engine light on your dash panel. The check engine light alerts you that your automobile needs attention. The first generation onboard diagnostic system (OBD)–the mechanism behind the warning light–provided information that was brand specific. Beginning in 1996, however, federal regulations mandated that all new vehicles sold in the United States provide universal codes. That is, a particular code in one automaker speaks to the same issue as that identical code in another brand of car. The upgrade represented the start of the second-generation system, the OBD-II. When you bring your transportation to Union Line Garage in Pennington, New Jersey, we’ll check the trouble code for a check engine light diagnosis and identify the specific trouble for you. You’ll find us just off I-295 at 1545 Reed Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534. You can make an appointment by calling 609-466-0294 or using our online scheduling feature. Walk-in customers are also welcome.

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Common Triggers and Repairs

Although we’ll need to connect to your vehicle’s OBD port and use our experience to find the exact nature of your auto’s issue, we’ll share a few of the most common triggers and how to repair them. Fortunately, one sneaky little pest that’s easy to remedy is a loose gas cap. The solution? You guessed it. Tighten the cap or replace it with a new one if it won’t seal properly. Another common cause is an oxygen sensor. This part measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust. The relayed information lets your vehicle know whether it needs to inject more or less fuel to optimize combustion. If it’s bad, one of our ASE-certified technicians can change it for you. Likewise, the mass airflow sensor can go bad, causing the light to come on. It measures the air coming in, allowing for adjustment of how much fuel is added for combustion. As with the oxygen sensor, if the mass airflow sensor is ailing, it will need to be replaced. Spark plugs, as their name suggests, provide the electrical pulse needed to ignite the combustion process. If these or the spark plug wires are behind the check engine light illumination, we’ll exchange them for new ones.

Your Home for Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Whether one of these culprits or another issue is behind your car’s illuminated check engine light, Union Line Garage can properly diagnose and fix the problem. This will help you keep your vehicle running well and ensure that the problem won’t keep your auto from passing the New Jersey state inspection when it’s time for renewal. Since we opened in 2006, we’ve been committed to assisting you with high-quality repairs, a standard that is cemented into our core.

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