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Quality Mercedes Service: We’re not NOT Saying We’re Jersey’s Best! The Mercedes-Benz is an international symbol of wealth and highway superiority. It’s THE high-end luxury vehicle of high-end luxury vehicles. When you purchased your Mercedes, you anticipated years upon years and miles upon miles of safe, comfortable, and powerful performance. You should expect nothing less because that’s exactly what you paid for. However, every car needs to be serviced properly. As soon as you drove it off the dealer’s lot, the wear-and-tear began. Your first destination could have been a quality repair shop with experienced Mercedes service technicians. Union Line Garage in Hopewell Township is the area’s best Mercedes maintenance and repair provider. Many of the performance problems that Mercedes run into are caused by inexperienced general repair shops. Mercedes owners should not let just any hands work on their vehicle. We employ highly-qualified and experienced Mercedes repair techs. Our team understands the specific needs of your vehicle, and we provide all of your preventive maintenance services. The goal is to make sure you avoid any costly repairs or breakdowns.

Guaranteed Mercedes Repairs–3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

In all honesty, it’s rare that you ever see a Mercedes on the side of the road. But, it can happen when drivers don’t put as much effort into choosing a technician as they do driving their Mercedes. We can handle all of your Mercedes’ A Services & B Services to carefully monitor your vehicle’s condition. Bring us any service need! From routine oil changes and tune-ups to complex transmission or engine rebuilds, we got you covered. Our team uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment to correctly identify any repair needs and perform them. Misdiagnoses are among the leading causes for customers overspending. We save you time and money by getting your Mercedes repair service right the first time. We stand confidently behind all of our repairs with an industry-leading warranty of 3 Year / 36,000 Miles on all parts and labor. If you notice anything suspicious about your Mercedes’ performance–faulty brakes, loose suspension, broken A/C, transmission slippage, flat tire, or more–don’t hesitate to bring it to our experts first. Before you get any expensive repairs done for your Mercedes, you can feel free to visit Union Line Garage for a second opinion. We’re the Mercedes-Benz specialists you can trust.

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Finding the perfect repair facility for your Mercedes maintenance and repair service is easy! In fact, you’ve already found us– Union Line Garage. We’re the preferred alternative to the expensive dealers because we give you the same, if not better, expertise as the dealership with a personalized touch. We treat you like family and your Mercedes like it was our own. Give us a call today at 609-466-0294 to schedule your Mercedes service appointment. You can also schedule your appointment right now, using our online scheduling system.

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