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Preserving the Muscles with Reputable Suspension Repair

What is Suspension?

Your vehicle’s suspension system consists of all the parts between the frame and the road. Those components serve a lot of important functions. In addition to providing a comfortable ride so that occupants don’t feel every bump or dip along the way, the suspension helps you with steering, keeps the tires in contact with the road, and maintains overall control of the automobile. That makes it somewhat like the human muscle system. Just as muscles allow the skeleton to move efficiently, the suspension moves and carries the vehicle’s frame effectively. Now that you understand the crucial role bring your transportation to Union Line Garage in Pennington, New Jersey, for suspension repair. You’ll find us conveniently located at 1545 Reed Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534 just off Interstate 295 near the hospital. Make your auto’s next appointment by using our online scheduler or call us at 609-466-0294. Our ASE-certified technicians know just what your vehicle needs–whether you drive a European model or another import.

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Suspension Components and Potential Repairs

Most drivers are familiar with shock absorbers or struts (depending on which component a particular auto has). That’s because motorists know that bad shocks or struts make for a rough ride. However, comfort isn’t the only thing shocks or struts provide. While the ride is indeed more comfortable when the bounce is controlled, that control also helps your tires stay in more constant contact with the pavement. That increases the amount of traction between the rubber and the road, helping to prevent skids. Thus, worn out shocks/struts need replacing. Also, springs are stiff, supporting the weight of your car. As weight shifts under a load during cornering, the springs need to flex to accommodate the moving mass. If a spring gives way and needs replacing, you may notice one corner of one side of the vehicle sagging. Your auto will likely not corner as well, either. Ball joints rotate so that your wheels (at the end of the axles) can turn. You may hear creaks and squeaks if the ball joints are wearing out, particularly while turning. It’s important to get new parts before they completely wear through. Once a ball joint breaks, other suspension parts will drag underneath, necessitating more extensive repairs. As the name implies, control arms move other components into the correct position as you steer. If one is bent, your tires wear quickly. If one is broken, you have trouble controlling your car. A bad control arm needs to be replaced. Finally, wheel alignment is a function of the major suspension angles (camber, caster, toe, and thrust). You’ll need to have a wheel alignment performed to prevent poor handling and excessive tire wear if it’s off.

Superior Suspension Repair

Since suspension system condition is indeed essential to control and safety, seek help from ASE-certified technicians at the first sign of trouble. You’ll find superior suspension repair at Union Line Garage. We perform high-quality mechanical work, but we also provide great customer service. You can feel confident knowing that a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty protects your repair investment.

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