Shop Policies and Procedures to Keep you Safe!

Updated Protocols due to COVID-19

For the past ten years, Union Line Garage, in Hopewell, New Jersey, has institued a “White-Glove” policy as part of our mission to provide white-glove service to our customers. This long standing policy requires every automotive technician in our shop to wear protective hand coverings when servicing your vehicle to ensure its cleanliness. As we are now dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, our White-Glove policy has expanded to not only keep your vehicles clean, but to keep our customers safe and help reduce the spread of this virus.


At Union Line Garage, we care for more than just our customers’ car, truck, or SUV, we care about the health and safety of each person that walks into our shop. To help protect our customers, and our staff, effective immediately we’ve made the following adjustments to our policies and procedures:

  • We are offering no-contact vehicle drop off and pick-up services, with no human interaction!
  • Our entire facility is disinfected a minimum of three times a day. That includes a cleaning and disinfecting of our shuttle van after each ride, and when loaner cars are checked-out and returned.
  • Point of sale system and check-out area are disinfected after each customer transaction. We encourage our customers to take advantage of our no-contact service to reduce excess traffic in the building.
  • FREE vehicle pick-up and delivery from/to your home or workplace (within a certain area). Call us at 609-466-0294 to see if you are eligible!
  • All customer vehicles are disinfected with an EPA approved, fragrance-free disinfectant that is safe for all vehicle interior components.
  • After-hours drop off AND pick-up system is available

Your Choice for White-Glove Service

At Union Line Garage, in Hopewell, New Jersey the only thing that matters more to us than providing the care your vehicle needs, is the well-being of our customers. We’re proud to be able to offer these additional services to provide you the peace of mind to know that every measure is being taken to help prevent the spread of this virus. Schedule your next appointment today at 609-466-0294 or schedule an appointment online!

Written by Union Line Garage