Strange & Weird Car Accessories

Have you ever come across or seen an odd or strange car accessory?

Maybe a car with a mustache or eye lashes on the lights? Well, we scoured the Internet and found a handful of the most odd and unusual car accessories of the past, present, and possible future. Check out our Top Ten list below!

10. Winking Animals that will signal to cars behind you and alert them of where you are going. Apparently, they are realistic looking stuffed animals whose eyes will flash to alert other cars of your intentions. For example both eyes will flash if you intend to stop or the left eye will flash to signal a left turn. They offer three different versions for $6.95: Winky the Cat, Duchess the Tiger, and Mac the Dog!

winking animals

9. For just $2.95 you used to be able to purchase a foot operated radio station selector. Back in olden times, just kidding, it wasn’t all that long ago; Radio’s had to be tuned by hand and sometimes very precisely so. This would cause drivers to take their eyes off the road until this little gem was created. Bonus, the kit comes with a floorboard switch, wire, and directions on how to set up.

8. In the sixties you could purchase a car adaptable record player. It’s like an old school cd player for your car; except for vinyl records. It boasts the ability to play smoothly even over bumps, rough roads, and curves. They also sold records specifically for your car. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a racecar driver, well now you can. With these fabulous vinyl recordings of actual sounds and stories of great race events such as, “Hot Rods in Action.”

7. Moving forward to a little more recent invention is the in car toaster over that can cook a pizza, hamburgers, even a roast. With a five-foot cord even back seat passengers can join in the fun. It clearly states the devise should be kept on flat and level surface as well as keep it away from any flammable liquids you may be transporting and vinyl. This means NO using it with your portable record player, cause that would be dangerous.

car toaster

6. Have you ever wanted to let the person who let you in thanks or the person tailgating you to back off? Well now you can with the new Drivemocion Car LED sign. But that’s not all there are several different options and intensities. Some are available for nice and cheery people and the not so cheery people. Some can even evoke a “I hope no one kids just saw that” emotion. It can be easily applied to your rear window with a suction cup. It also includes a remote, so there is that too.

Drivemocion Car LED sign

5. Then there comes the car bra, available in all-weather, sport, original, and now mirror size! No need for a picture; we have all seen one, and they don’t do anything but keep bugs off the front of your car. But then again they just end up on the bra, either way gross! Or it could just be a more human way to kill insects whilst driving; you know a softer, lighter, squash pad.

4. Moving a little further into futuristic car accessories. This one claims to be able to tell when you are not alert and then vibrate to wake or caution you. With this rubber wristband you can avoid falling asleep on the road and avoid possible accidents. I don’t think this one will be flying off the shelves, if you are tired stay home or pull over, don’t drive tired.

stay alert wristband

3. L.E.D. Accessories…… all of them are blinding. However if you would like a little extra car pizzazz they are available for your interior, exterior, and now your RIMS as well!!!!! You read that right, fully customizable rims that you can program and change at your will, even while driving. Ever wanted to give some hotty in the car next you your number, well now you can for the small fee of $12,500.

LED rims

2. Things are really heating up here! I mean it!? The next and second to the number 1 strange car accessory is the Autoloc Car Flamethrower! I told you things were heating up right? These bad bays can shoot up to 20 feet of flames out your exhaust pipe. Use with Caution!


1. The number 1 odd, strange, and weird car accessory is The Tesla downunder Car Theft Protection. With the use of a tesla coil mounted to the top of an automobile you can get a full 360 degree security coverage for your vehicle. This isn’t available to the general public. However, if you are smart enough, maybe you can have one of these fine machines of your own.

Tesla theft Protection

Well there you have it, the top weirdest car accessories ever form the past and preset. If we left anything worth mentioning out, please leave your comments below.

Written by Union Line Garage