What the Mercedes History Means to Its Future

How Mercedes-Benz Became What It Is Today

You can learn about a business from its history. The Mercedes-Benz brand is widely recognized around the world for its luxuriousness, its safety, and its excellence. US billionaires of the early 20th century, Rockefeller, Aston, and Morgan, were some of the first Mercedes owners in the country. They helped lay the foundation for Mercedes to become a name synonymous with high-class, but its founders set the stage for the innovation and safety that Mercedes is also known for. Get Mercedes repair in Pennington, New Jersey, from a shop that appreciates the Mercedes history.

How Did Mercedes Begin?

Even though Karl Benz is widely thought to have developed the first gasoline-powered automobile in 1886, the Mercedes story begins with Gottlieb Daimler, who converted a stagecoach to a gasoline-powered vehicle later that year. He created DMG, a company that would go on to merge with Karl Benz’s company in 1926. But the Mercedes model of vehicles came first.

Emil Jellinek, who was into racing and the new horseless carriages of the late 19th century, asked DMG to create a car that was safer than other automobiles. Jellinek wanted the model to have a lower center of gravity that would reduce the risk of overturning the vehicle. He asked DMG to make the engine located on the car’s chassis and designed a wide track for stability. This model was called the Mercedes 35 hp, after Jellinek’s daughter, also named Mercedes. Jellinek took delivery of this first Mercedes in 1900. DMG chose to use the name for an entire line of vehicles because it lost the claim to Daimler. When the company merged with Benz, they chose to include it in the brand name.

Innovations in Design

Mercedes-Benz earned a Safety Award from 2007 What Car? for half a century of innovations in safety in vehicles. Mercedes pioneered Anti-Lock Brakes and airbags. The company introduced dozens of safety features to keep drivers and passengers safer. Mercedes licenses its features for use by other companies, making its technology standard on modern vehicles from its competitors.

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