Why Mercedes Has a History of Quality

Where Did it All Start?

Mercedes-Benz is a brand of automobiles with a history of quality, attractiveness, and innovation. If you’ve ever wondered why the standards for Mercedes repair are so high, it has to do with upholding the brand name they built up over time. It all began in 1886 when Carl Benz developed and patented the world’s first engine operated vehicle. Overcoming the design of an engine that needed to be large enough to provide enough power to move a carriage while also being small enough to fit inside it was just one of many issues that Benz experienced with his invention. While this first automobile was reliable, a trend that Benz & Co. continued with their further developments, it wasn’t exactly marketable to the average person.

Sending A Dream to Market

Due to post-World War I economic situations, many companies struggled, especially ones manufacturing passenger cars which were considered a luxury. This led to the Mercedes-Benz merger to help keep their business afloat. If you have ever loved something so much you would give up partial ownership of it to keep it alive, you can understand the kind of dedication that the Mercedes-Benz brand was built on. Their first marketable product range appeared at the 1926 Berlin Motor Show, showing off the 8/28 hp two-litre and the 12/55 hp three-litre models. Since then the company has striven to keep innovating new ways to solve the problems of an already reliable product. Now we are in the 21st century and Mercedes-Benz remains one of the largest manufacturers in the industry.

Modern Mercedes Repair

If you own a Mercedes in Pennington, New Jersey and it needs repair, you can bring your vehicle to Union Line Garage. Along with many other brand names, we are certified to repair Mercedes vehicles. You can schedule an appointment now online or by calling 609-466-0294. Just as Mercedes has a history of excellence, we pride ourselves on our work, and therefore we guarantee for three years any parts we provide during repairs. We would be glad to provide you with service at Union Line Garage better than you could get at the dealer.

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