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Did you know that the Subaru logo represents the bright “Seven Sisters” constellation? This is because multiple companies (5 to be exact) merged to create FujiHeavy Industries, the parent company of the Subaru auto line. Consumer surveys indicate that many cars from this automaker last about 200,000 miles with proper care. Rely on Union Line Garage in Pennington, New Jersey, for those life-extending preventive maintenance services and necessary repairs. Our ASE-certified technicians stay updated with the latest technology and equipment, making diagnostics efficient and effective. You’ll find our BOSCH network-affiliated shop located at 1545 Reed Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534. That’s just off I-295 and close to the hospital. We always welcome walk-ins, or you can make an appointment by calling us at 609-466-0294 or using our easy online scheduler.

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The Most Frequently Needed Subaru Repairs

A vehicle in the Subaru line is usually trouble-free most of the time. However, when something does go wrong or when you’re trying to head off the next big thing, we’re glad to help you with all your Subaru repair needs. Therefore, we’re sharing a few things you’ll probably want to watch for in your automobile. Drivers have expressed concern over the head gasket leaking in some models. If this impacts your particular model, you may notice an unusual burning smell. You’ll probably also see coolant and oil levels decline more rapidly than you expect, especially if you’re obtaining regular services for your vehicle. The head gasket is responsible for sealing the engine cylinders, preventing oil and coolant from contaminating the engine compartment and causing damage. Therefore, you’ll need to have this issue corrected immediately if you discover it. Also, you’ll want to monitor the rubber boots of your car’s suspension system. This is a task most easily handled by our service center technicians. When your automobile is here for a service visit, we can check the condition of those rubber boots, examining them for cracks, tears, and other wear that can allow water and contaminants to enter areas where they can damage suspension joints. The inner axle joint is especially susceptible to boot injuries over time. Finally, the o-rings that help seal your Subaru’s air conditioning system can wear over time, requiring replacement. If your car’s AC begins blowing warm air, you’ll probably suspect this problem.

What’s In a Name? The Rest of the Story

As said, the company logo represents a group of stars, but the name itself is the Japanese translation of “united.” Thus, your automobile’s moniker conveys a message of stars shining bright and working together. When you hear the name Union Line Garage, you might conjure up the same connotations. We offer Acura repairs that “shoot for the stars,” using high-quality components backed by a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Further, we’re united as a team so that we can offer you the finest in auto services, and we’re united with a network membership that adds a layer of reputability to our work. Finally, we’re united with you, partnering with you to keep your vehicle running well.

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