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What the Mercedes History Means to Its Future

How Mercedes-Benz Became What It Is Today You can learn about a business from its history. The Mercedes-Benz brand is widely recognized around the world for its luxuriousness, its safety, and its excellence. US billionaires of the early 20th century, Rockefeller, Aston, and Morgan, were some of the first Mercedes owners in the country. They

Rodent Damage in Your Car

“When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” While we weather the pandemic and find ourselves settling into routines that are contrary to the “normal,” we see new trends in all aspects of our lives. When your car sits, unintended consequences can occur. Problems may include dead batteries, warning lights, rusty brakes, or oil leaks.

Classic Porsche Engine Repair

The Porsche air-cooled engine is a piece of timeless automotive machinery. The Porsche 911 was powered by an air-cooled engine until 1998.  Air-cooled engines, although very simple to tenured technicians, may be a headscratcher to the newer generation of technicians.  Many Porsche dealerships have moved away from working on air-cooled 911 engines, leaving many people

COVID-19: Coronavirus and Your Car

For the past week or so, we’ve only seen the tip of the ice burg of the crippling effects the COVID-19 coronavirus will have on our economy and nation as a whole. As an automotive repair facility in a small community, we’ve begun to see and feel the ripple effect that has been made on

Benefits of BMW Inspection I & II

Factory Recommended Maintenance Schedules When BMW designed your vehicle, they did so with a plan in mind to protect its powerful performance. It would be a shame to purchase a BMW and allow its world-class engineering to fall short of perfection. Factory recommended maintenance schedules, including BMW’s Intermediate Oil Service, Oil & Safety Service, Inspection

Mercedes Maintenance Schedule

A & B Services Mercedes vehicles are world-class luxury machines. Their superior engineering require specific maintenance, otherwise vehicles performance and value can drop. At Union Line Garage in Pennington, New Jersey, we follow the manufacturer’s recommended service outlines for our customer’s Mercedes vehicles. That includes A & B Service! Here’s everything that drivers need to

BMW Maintenance Schedule: What to Expect

For BMW owners, it’s important for them to follow a routine maintenance schedule. These checkups are used to help the car recover from normal wear and tear and extend the life of the vehicle. It also gives BMW mechanics time to replace any worn out parts that are unique to the cars’ brand. Below we

Mini Cooper Intake Valves

Carbon Build-up   Over the past few months we’ve seen a fluctuation of clients experiencing problems with their Mini Coopers due to carbon build-up in the intake valves. The cars that have this problem exhibit a range of symptoms from a rough idle or misfire condition to a check engine light. Though this problem can

Easier Maintenance: Imports or Domestics?

Ah, the classic debate of import versus domestic. This on-going debate never seems to have a clear conclusion (and honestly, we probably won’t see it) on which one is better. On this “episode” of the rivalry, we will tackle the pros and cons of each vehicle’s maintenance with a focus on convenience, reliability, and cost.

3 Common Land Rover Problems (And How to Avoid Them)

A Land Rover is an adventurer’s dream ride. With the perfect mix of luxury and versatility, this brand is one of the most pristine in the world. But as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Land Rovers are known to have common problems because of how uniquely they are made, and how