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3 Common Land Rover Problems (And How to Avoid Them)

A Land Rover is an adventurer’s dream ride. With the perfect mix of luxury and versatility, this brand is one of the most pristine in the world. But as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Land Rovers are known to have common problems because of how uniquely they are made, and how

BMW Valve Stem Seals- Is your BMW smoking?

BMW Valve Stem Seals Is your BMW V8 burning oil? Is your BMW smoking? Many BMW drivers that own a 545i, 550i, 645i, 650i, 745i, 745li, 750i, 750li, X5 made between ’03-’08, or any BMW with the V8 N62 engine, experience smoke coming from the exhaust tail-pipe, making their car look like the chimney of an

Three Tips on Winter Driving Preparedness from Union Line Garage

Yeah, we know – the leaves haven’t fallen yet, you don’t know what you’ll be for Halloween, and your Thanksgiving turkey is still grazing in a field somewhere, so why are we talking about winter? It’s because early Autumn is the perfect time to begin preparing your vehicle for winter driving. Starting now ensures that

Strange & Weird Car Accessories

Have you ever come across or seen an odd or strange car accessory? Maybe a car with a mustache or eye lashes on the lights? Well, we scoured the Internet and found a handful of the most odd and unusual car accessories of the past, present, and possible future. Check out our Top Ten list

DIY Interior Detailing

When was the last time you had the inside of your car detailed? When was the last time you even thought about having your car’s interior detailed? Chances are it’s been awhile and now’s a great time to roll up your sleeves and give it a good DIY cleaning. Professional car detailing is great to

How Can I Tell If My Car Battery Is About to Fail?

If you compare your car to a human body, the engine is like its brain, the tires are like its legs and the battery is like its heart. When your heart stops, you stop. When your battery stops so does your vehicle. Battery Facts Drivers Should Know Most drivers give little thought to their batteries

We Moved! Visit Our New Location

Visit Us At Our New Location Starting April 25th, 2016 Our new location is located at 1545 Reed Rd. Pennington, NJ 08534. Located within Hopewell Township with convenient access to Pennington, Princeton, and Hopewell. Ask how we can make your next visit more convenient with our shuttle service, loaner cars and after hours drop-off/pick-up services.

Without Preventative Auto Maintenance, Your Exhaust System Can Be Harmful to You and Your Car

If you’re smart, you don’t consider preventive vehicle maintenance optional. You are careful to keep up with the recommendations in your car’s owner’s manual. Not only is maintenance important for proper vehicle performance but it actually can affect the quality of cabin air you and your passengers breathe, which affects your health and well being.